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28 May 2006

Montreal Roast Wheat

Montreal thrives on tourism. There is major tourist traffic here, especially in the summer due to all the fun festivals and local attractions. One thing people rave about here is the food. There is a vast variety of food to choose from - whether you like expensive places or affordable fast food. One of the major attractions here is the famous smoked meat sandwiches. People literally line up outside of Schwartz's for a simple smoked meat sandwich. The kind of line up you expect from a popular night club!

At Christmas, I tried Montreal Veggie Gourmet's Roast Wheat. I finally found this product, as well as the Smoked Wheat, at our local grocery store.

I'm not a fan of fake meat. Sure, I have tried and somewhat enjoy Yve's Veggie Slices and their hotdogs. But when it comes down to it, I can really take it or leave it. I don't care for their patties and the Ground Round is only fine in very spicy chili. I don't like the texture and the flavour. They try to hard at making it look and taste like meat - and it's far from it. It simply tastes synthetic and not very natural.

I was pleasantly surprised with this new product!

It doesn't look very appetizing in it's packaging and it seems odd to cook it by boiling it in it's plastic package. However, once cooked and ready to eat, it was utterly delightful! It is probably the closest thing to eating roast beef while being a vegetarian! It is tender and juicy. It is delicately spiced, but not to mask the flavour. It tastes natural. The texture is very close to lean meat. Usually fake meat has this rubbery, flesh-like texture that gives me the no-feeling. Roast Wheat tasted and felt like the real thing, without the fat of meat. It is great in warm fake roast beef sandwiches with non meat gravy or as a side dish with the rest of your meal. It's fantastic as a cold leftovers sandwich as well. I'm very pleased with this product!

Go to the website of more information and recipes!

As far as the Smoked Wheat goes, I have nothing to compare it to. I have been a vegetarian longer than I have lived in Montreal, so I haven't had the pleasure to experience their famous smoked meat sandwiches. I forced my partner to eat a slice of it though. He's a tried and true eater of meat. He loves his meat. He tried it and even he was impressed. He claims it is very close to the real thing. Take his word! I, myself, didn't care for it too much. It wasn't the meal itself. It was just the spices I didn't care for.

Now, go out to the store and make yourself a big ol' Roast Wheat sammich for me!

22 May 2006

The Boston Strangler Film (2006)

Ah, the Boston Strangler.

This won't be much of a review, I warn you. However, my slight commentary is worth the read in case you are curious about this recent remake.

I'm a big fan of makeup artistry. I dream of being in the field myself, so I pay special attention to details.

The movie itself was simply okay. Nothing great, actually. The best and funniest thing about this flick was the poor use of wigs. Whoever was in charge of makeup and wiggery completely failed! It's worth seeing. Not only were there a few flaws in the movie itself (the lying killer did not have an accent and there's a small referance to an Andy Warhol quote that did not exist in that time period), but the wigs and aging process were so off.

There was one girl in the movie with a bad blonde 60's flip hairdo which was clearly a bad, cheap wig. I forgave that detail, because I'm sure many girls back then made poor choices with wigs and hairpieces. My mother was a stylist in the 60's and many a time has she filled me in about that.

The old lady witness had a terrible brown wig too. It looked like one of those wigs lady wear when they are a bit mentally off. You just know there are bits of food and dust stuck in their fake hair. This character in the movie didn't seem that senile though.

The best was the main detective. Oh good lord.

He had bad hair in the first place. As my partner put it, "a cake of hair". It was way too shaggy and long to be in that era, and in his work position as a cop. Throughout the movie, the years passed but his hair remained to look amazingly bad. Ten years later, he still had his cake of hair but it was streaked grey. It looked so fake plus he acquired flappy sideburns and a cardigan to show his age.

The best part of the movie came at the end. It was now the late 90's and the cop was now an old man. Still, with very bad and completely unrealistic hair/makeup. It was so bad it was great. His hair didn't even look like hair! That's how bad it was! It looked like white cotton candy or that fake cobweb you hang up during Halloween. It was draped over the side of his head and plastered to his forehead. It looked far from natural. His face was covered in way too much make up. He did not looked aged - he looked like he was wearing a mask that covered his entire head. And then, he turned his head and it only got worse. He had a bald spot...on the side of his head, above his ear. I've never seen an old man with a bald spot there. Good god, it was truly special. I could not believe the bad choices regarding makeup and wigs in this movie.

So bad, you have to see it.

20 May 2006

Flat Cat

This is Flat Cat. He has been my not-so-furry companion since Christmas.

No, you cannot cuddle Flat Cat with comfort. He, sadly, does not purr nor meow. He cannot attack your feet in the middle of the night or sleep in the dabble of sunlight on the floor. He is not a real cat.

He has many qualities, however. He does not claw furniture, he does not cause small apartments to smell of cat urine, and he does not knock over your fine collectables (although, I'm sure he has a dislike for Precious Moments miniatures). He is a fine cat who stands boldly and will protect your living space with his steely gaze. Oh, and he does not shed!

Yes, I have a Flat Cat. I happen to be love with this jerk who is severely allergic to cats therefore ruining my life long dream of being a creepy cat lady when I grow up. So yeah, unless I have $4000 to plunk down on one of those fancy new hypoallergenic cats - this is the best I can do.

It was given to me by a very dear friend over the holidays. And I have to say, it was the best gift ever. It brought an instant smile to my face and a laugh rolled out of my mouth.

Flat Cat. Get yours today, or get rid of your boyfriend with allergies.

16 May 2006

Biotherm Nachprüfung auf Deutsch

**I translated this, using an online translator. I apologize if it sounds terrible! I do not speak German! Ich habe dies übersetzt, der einen Online-Übersetzer benutzt. Ich entschuldige mich, wenn es schrecklich ertönt! Ich spreche Deutsch nicht! **

Ich habe immer nicht so nette Haut gehabt. Ich habe viele verschiedene Reinigungsmittel, Produkte, und Hautarzt haben empfohlen Medikationen versucht. In meinen späten Jugendjahren habe ich die Linie an Einsetzen gezeichnet, auf Geburtsteuerung und Accutane zu sein. Ich habe ich lieber würde leiden mit schlechter Haut gerechnet als fummelt etwas auf innerhalb mich auf einem größeren Maßstab herum. Das ist zu nicht sagen, dass ich zufrieden mit meiner Haut, durch irgendein Mittel bin. Eigentlich ist es das ein physisches Kennzeichen um mich, dass ich das meiste Selbst bin, das bewusst ist von. Ich bin nah zu dreißig Jahren alt und still leidet an entstellene Akne – ich bin nicht stolz, das zu erklären. Während der Rest von mir ziemlich erwachsen ist, wählt meine Haut, im Staat von Selbstachtung zu bleiben, entleerend junior Sekundärschule Tage.

Ich habe entschieden, die Kugel und den Laden hinter dem Gegen dieses eine Mal zu beißen. Statt Einkaufen für Gesichtseife bin ich auf der Suche nach Gesichtsprodukte gegangen. Es ist ungefähr Zeit messen ich habe versucht etwas neu, nachdem zu viele unzufriedene Erfahrungen mit skincare Produkten, die meine empfindliche Haut anstatt verletzen, heilt.

Ich bin ziemlich skeptisch, wenn es zu meiner Haut kommt. Nicht nur ist es veranlagt zu Akne, aber es ist empfindlich und normal, zu trocknen. Es scheint, dass die meisten skincare Firmen große Produkte für veranlagt zu Akne Haut haben, aber nur, wenn Sie ölige Haut erfahren. Die Produkte sind hart und beschädigend zu enthäuten, wie und zu den meisten Leuten mit empfindlicher Haut abbaut. Sie sind stark und mächtig, ziehend alle Ihre Öle von Ihrer Haut und Drehung Ihr Gesicht in einen riesigen Fleck von Wunde ab und abbröckelt trocken verbrennend. Diese Firmen machen Sie glauben dass der einzige Weg, Ihre schlechte Haut zu lösen, soll schwer harte Reinigungsmittel und Toner benutzen. O! Die Freuden, problematische Haut zu haben!
Ich habe beendet passen auf zu Biotherm Produkten. Ich habe, dass der Name und nichts Negativ gehört, das zu ihm befestigt wird. Um vollständig ehrlich zu sein, war der Biotherm skincare Vertreter die erste Person, um mir im Geschäft zu nähern, und vollständig, um ungefähr was ich verwirrt zu werden, soll ich bin gepasst zu ihr das beste Urteil kaufen.

Biotherm hat eine Linie von skincare Produkten für veranlagt zu Akne Haut hat gerufen Acnopur. Sie haben eine Pore, die die Verstopfung läuternen Schaums beseitigt, entblätternd ein Erklären Hautwasser, Feuchtigkeitsspender, und eine Fehlerfleckbehandlung. Ich bin zum Reinigungsmittel und dem Toner von jener Linie gepasst sowie ein wenig etwas zusätzlich, mit meinem geringen Entstellen zu helfen.

Acnopur war Pore, die die Verstopfung Beseitigt, der Schaum Läutert, wie ein Seufzer der Erleichterung für meine Haut! Es war eine willkommene Änderung von allen mächtigen Produkten, die ich in der Vergangenheit benutzt habe. Es schäumt in einen reichen Schaum ein, den ich schätze. Der Wohlgeruch ist sauber, fein, und angenehm. Es riecht nicht, wie es voll von Chemikalien ist, wie einige Reinigungsmittel für veranlagt zu Akne Haut. Vom Moment habe ich begonnen, in zwischen meinen Händen einzuschäumen, und es auf meinem Gesicht zu massieren, habe ich gewusst, dass es einen riesigen Unterschied in diesem Produkt gab, das zu regelmäßig über der Gegengesichtseife verglichen worden ist. Ich war sehr froh ich habe ausgegeben das Geld auf diesem Produkt. Es nimmt Zusammensetzung sanft und links meine Haut heraus, die erfrischt und glättet fühlt. Ich habe sehr vertraulich gefühlt stellend um dieses Produkt auf mein Gesicht und sogar mehr, so als ich entdeckt habe, dass es mein Gesicht nicht gemacht hat, dicht und trocken nachher fühlt.

Acnopur Erklärend, dass das Entblättern von Hautwasser ist, offensichtlich macht eine doppelte Handlungsformel, die Hilfen die Haut entblättern, frei Poren, und beseitigt Verunreinigungen. Als mit dem Schaum, enthält es ein “tri-tätiger Komplex” von salicylic Säure, einem Anti bakteriellen Agenten, und weißem Ton. Es enthält auch einen reinen Extrakt des Thermalplanktons. Was, das Mittel, ich keine Idee haben. Meine Erfahrung mit Tonerhautwässern war in der Vergangenheit viel das gleiche als mit Reinigungsmitteln. Ich habe keinen Glauben in ihnen gehabt und wurde das einzige Ding, dass es machen wird, mein Gesicht rot, Brandwunde, und sogar trockener überzeugt ist macht. Noch einmal wurde ich angenehm überrascht! Es ist sanft weitergegangen und meine Haut hat nachher nicht protestiert. Es gab keine verbrennende Empfindung, es hat nicht gereizt es, und es hat meiner Haut eine Beruhigungskühle verlassen. Wie das Reinigungsmittel, es fein und sauber riecht.

Der Quelle Therapie von Biotherm ist eine reine Bad Konzentrat Haut perfector. Ich muss zugeben, war ich sehr skeptisch von diesem Produkt. Ich falle für Linien wie nicht typisch, “Sie werden fühlen den Unterschied in 5 Sekunden!” und “sieht den Unterschied in 5 Tagen!”

Das Produkt, das sich ein sehr konzentriertes und cremiges blaues Gel ist, mit einem äußerst seidigen Gewebe. Es ist ziemlich kostspielig, aber da Sie nur es in sehr kleinen Dosen benutzen, ist es gut Wert es. Es enthält erneuernd oligo-Mineralkomplex, der kombiniert, “sehr anregend Bicarbonateionen mit sieben Mineralien und wesentlicher Spurenelemente – gemäß der Produktinfo. Es gibt mehr Thermalplankton und Befeuchtenagenten ebenso. Zuerst von allen, riecht es groß. Es riecht viel mag dieses tiefe Prüfhaarproduktangebot durch Rusk - Deepshine. Es ist ein frischer, natürlicher, und leise reicher Wohlgeruch, der ehrlich so hart ist, zu beschreiben. Zweitens von allen, geht ein wenig ein langer Weg. Sie müssen schuldig für Lassen fallen $50 auf einer kleinen Flasche nicht fühlen. Dritt arbeitet es so wunderbar! Wie ich gesagt habe, war ich skeptisch. Ich habe nicht wirklich dem Vertreter, als sie hat gesagt, dass ich den Unterschied in 5 Sekunden fühlen werde, geglaubt oder habe eine Verbesserung in 5 Tagen gesehen. Nur ein anderer Umsatzwurf, ich haben gedacht. Ich war schrecklich falsch. Innerhalb den Sekunden hat meine Haut so unglaublich glättet gefühlt. Ich habene Schwerigkeitenhaut für eine lange Zeit und es ist Jahre gewesen, da ich solche Glätte von meiner Haut gefühlt habe. Und das war innerhalb den 5 Sekunden. Nach 5 Tagen wurde meine Haut im Idealfall befeuchtet – als versprochen hat. Ich habe immer Probleme mit trockenen Flecken auf Grund schlechter Produkte und Witterungsverhältnisse gehabt. Dieses Produkt hat sich gewundert. Meine Haut ist jetzt stabil – es ist nicht trocken mehr, noch ist es ölig von zu viel Befeuchten. Es fühlt perfekt, Dank zu diesem Produkt. Es ist ein wunderbares skincare Muss für Leute mit trockener Haut bzw. Unvollkommenheiten.

Da ich mit meiner Haut lebe, weiß ich nicht wirklich, wenn ich den Unterschied sehen kann. Es ist auch nur eine Woche die diese neuen Produkte vom Gebrauch auf meinem Gesicht gewesen. Ich kann vertraulich gestehen, dass meine Haut nicht gebrochen hat benutzend aus seit diese Produkte, der Staat von meiner Haut viel mehr Stall fühlt, und mein Problem mit Trockenheit gegen veranlagt zu Aknen Häuteprobleme ist gelöst worden!

Ich liebe diese Produkte und war gut Wert das Geld. Sehr empfohlen.

Biotherm Acnopur Update

It's been roughly a month or so since I have started using Biotherm's Acnopur line. I am still completely satisfied with the results.

Here's the proof. At the moment, I am over-the-top hormonal and anticipating the sweet arrival of Aunt Flow. I've cried the unnecessary tears. I've ate one too many pieces of chocolate cake. I've driven my boyfriend crazy with the amount of bitchy I have within me. But one thing didn't happen. My face barely broke out! With the exception of a very minor horn growing out of my temple, my skin has remained in the same condition when I am not suffering from PMS. I am very pleased to say the least!

The only thing I have altered with my new skin care regiment is that I use Source Therapie only once a day instead of twice. I find that with my active skin at this time of the month, it's simply causing my face to look a bit oilier than normal.

I'm very satisfied. It's been a long time since I haven't broken out during PMS! I feel like all grown up now! Yippee!

14 May 2006

Subversive Cross Stitch - 33 Designs for Your Surly Side by Julie Jackson

I love Subversive Cross Stitch. I cannot express this enough!

One day while searching for fun things to do that leviate the boredom of domesticity, I did a search for kinky, offensive-to-the-masses crafts. I came across an impressive site for dirty latch hook rugs called Made With Sweet Love. I advise you to go there - you will be amused! In the section for links, I came across Subversive Cross Stitch. It's a completely fun site that sells kits, a newly released book, and note cards all with the naughty and surly sayings. Not only did coming across Julie Jackson's Subversive Cross Stitch website inspire me to learn how to cross stitch, she showed me that cross stitching craftwork is not just for grandmothers. All this time, I thought cross stitching was all about cutesy teddy bears and positively quirky sayings. It honestly never crossed my mind that you can do something wickedly cool and humourously offensive with this form of needlework. I ran across her website and even wrote her a quick email, thanking her for showing me that there is more to cross stitch than teddy bears and home-sweet-home type of sayings. If I didn't run into her site, I would not have found such a relaxing hobby that appeals to my comical side! Learning how to cross stitch has successfully helped me stop biting my fingernails, I might add!

I ordered a pattern off her website, in support of what she does. As well, I acquired her new book called Subversive Cross Stitch - 33 Designs for Your Surly Side. The book is great - inspiring, amusing, humourous, and simply perfect for a beginner at sassy cross stitch. It has many sayings like "Babies Suck", "Happy Fucking Holidays", and "Homo Sweet Homo". And I have to say, I think the coolest thing about her book is that she honestly encourages you to go out and try something new on your own instead of following her patterns. I just love Subversive Cross Stitch!

Therefore, highly recommended! Not only is this an amazing book that is guarenteed to inspire your inner surliness to succulently bloom, the author and creator seems like such a great gal to deal with. Get yours today!

12 May 2006

Palmolive Naturals - Papaya Extracts & Cream White Radiance

My friend came back from the Phillipines recently and all he brought back to me was a bar of skin whitening soap. Sigh, the year before he brought back a "Rolux" for me.

Skin whitening is apparently all the rage out in that neck of the woods. The ladies of the Phillipines desire lightened skin, so my friend tells me. I never gave it much thought, to be quite honest. All I know is that I loathe the look of over tanned North American white women. I
used to work at a few day spas/salons with tanning beds - I think I am allowed to pass judgement on women who don that healthy shade of orangey-brown. Anyway, my friend was making a nice and honest gesture when presenting me with this bar of soap. He figured, since I avoid the sun/tanning to the point where people mislabel me as "goth" and wear a lighter share of makeup, that I really want to be whiter than white.

I'm pretty white. If I got any whiter, I'd look like Powder. I want to look healthy, not dead. Like I said before, he did his best at making a sweet and honest gesture.

I was a little afraid of using this product. I realise that it's directly from Asia so I'm assuming the standards of packaging products (especially health and beauty related) may not be as important as it is in North America or Europe. The major cause of concern was the lack of listed ingredients. For someone with sensitive skin and acne, I was a little curious about what I would be applying on my face. Other than papaya and "cream" (cream of what, I don't know), I am clueless about what exactly is in this bar of beauty soap. I searched around online and could not find anything about this product - which led me to feel even more suspicious about test trying this out on myself. I went on the Palmolive UK site and there was no listing for this particular kind of soap (does it mean it contains bad ingredients or that the British just don't need skin whitening soap as they look pasty already?).

So I gave in and tried it. How white could I get from using it one or two times anyway? I have to admit, it has a very pretty smell of fresh papaya and cream - just like it says on the box. It lathers up fantastically (I'm very keen on lather!). Applies nice and smooth. At this point, the only issue I had with this is the feeling of my skin when I was in the process of washing it off. It felt as though I was running wet hands over a balloon, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Once that part was over and innerly complained about, my skin actually took to the soap. My face felt very smooth and soft. I was impressed with that, even though I knew there had to be something bad within this bar o'soap.

With a little more patience, I successfully found more information about whitening bars and creams. I have NOT used that bar of soap since, even though it smells lovely!

To have white skin is heavily marketed in Asia, apparently. According to
this article half the women in the Phillipines are currently using such a product. A while back I came across another website which said that many product ingredients manufactured in Asia are banned in North America and Europe. I'm only assuming that this product would never be sold here.

What I found out is that many whitening soaps and creams contain hydroquinone. I do not know if this Palmolive product contains this or not, I'm only being cautious. Hydroquinone is a chemical used in photograph processing materials. It has shown to cause leukemia in mice and other animals. Europe has put a ban on beauty products containing hydroquinone, as well as many African countries have banned the use of skin whitenings with harmful chemicals. Though I do not know if this Palmolive Naturals soap contains hydroquinone or not, I would rather not take my chances.

I realise that there are a million products, especially for beauty, that most likely contain very harmful and damaging products. I know I am guilty of using them - the hair dye, certain eye shadows, hair spray, anti-perspirant, etc. One day when some brilliant beauty expert/scientist invents a healthy way to dye my hair black, I will switch over to that.

As far as this particular product goes, there is no list of ingredients on the package therefore I do not feel very confident using this product. I don't feel positive about the concept of people with darker skin wishing to be white and "radiant" either, by means of harmful chemicals with permanent results. Be comfortable in your skin! Be sassy!

Obviously, I do not recommend this product. Unless someone can find me a list of ingredients in this brand of soap, I rest my case.

Biotherm - Acnopur and Source Therapie

I’ve always had not so nice skin. I’ve tried many different cleansers, products, and dermatologist recommended medications. In my late teens, I drew the line at committing to be on birth control and Accutane. I figured I would rather suffer with bad skin than mess something up within me on a larger scale. That’s not to say I am content with my skin, by any means. In fact, it is the one physical feature about me that I am most self conscious of. I’m close to thirty years old and still suffer from scarring acne – I’m not proud to state that. While the rest of me is quite adult, my skin chooses to stay in the state of self esteem deflating junior high school days.

I decided to bite the bullet and shop behind the counter for once. Instead of shopping for face soap, I went in search of facial products. It’s about time I tried something new, after too many unsatisfied experiences with skincare products that hurt my sensitive skin rather than heal.

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to my skin. Not only is it acne prone, but it is sensitive and normal to dry. It seems that most skincare companies have great products for acne prone skin but only if you experience oily skin. Those products are harsh and damaging to skin like mine and to most people with sensitive skin. They are strong and powerful, stripping all your oils from your skin and turning your face into one giant patch of sore and burning dry flakes. These companies make you believe that the only way to solve your bad skin is to use severely harsh cleansers and toners. O! The joys of having problematic skin!

I ended up going with
Biotherm products. I heard the name and nothing negative attached to it. To be completely honest, the Biotherm skincare rep was the first person to approach me in the store and being completely confused about what I should purchase I went with her best judgment.

Biotherm has a line of skincare products for acne prone skin called Acnopur. They have a pore unclogging purifying foam, a clarifying exfoliating lotion, moisturizer, and a blemish spot treatment. I went with the cleanser and toner from that line as well as a little something extra to help with my slight scarring.

Acnopur Pore Unclogging Purifying Foam was like a sigh of relief for my skin! It was a welcome change from all the powerful products that I have used in the past. It lathers into a rich foam, which I appreciate. The scent is clean, subtle, and pleasant. It does not smell like it’s full of chemicals, like some cleansers for acne prone skin. From the moment I began to lather in between my hands and massage it on my face, I knew there was a huge difference in this product compared to regular over the counter face soap. I was very glad I spent the money on this product. It removes makeup gently and left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. I felt very confident about putting this product on my face and even more so when I discovered it did not make my face feel tight and dry afterwards.

Acnopur Clarifying Exfoliating Lotion is, apparently, a dual action formula that helps exfoliate the skin, unblock pores, and eliminates impurities. As with the foam, it contains a “tri-active complex” of salicylic acid, an anti-bacterial agent, and white clay. It also contains a pure extract of thermal plankton. What that means, I have no idea. My experience with toner lotions in the past were much the same as with cleansers. I had no faith in them and was convinced the only thing it will do is make my face red, burn, and even more dry. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised! It went on gentle and my skin did not protest afterwards. There was no burning sensation, it did not irritate it, and it left a soothing coolness to my skin. Like the cleanser, it smells subtle and clean.

Biotherm’s Source Therapie is a pure spa concentrate skin perfector. I must admit, I was highly skeptical of this product. I don’t typically fall for lines like, “you’ll feel the difference in 5 seconds!” and “see the difference in 5 days!”

The product itself is a very concentrated and creamy blue gel, with an extremely silky texture. It is pretty pricy but since you are only using it in very small doses, it’s well worth it. It contains regenerating oligo-mineral complex which combines “highly stimulating bicarbonate ions with seven minerals and essential trace elements” – according to the product info. There is more thermal plankton and moisturizing agents as well. First of all, it smells great. It smells a lot like this deep conditioning hair product line by
Rusk - Deepshine. It is a fresh, natural, and softly rich scent that is honestly so hard to describe. Second of all, a little goes a long way. You don’t have to feel guilty for dropping $50 on a small bottle. Thirdly, it works so wonderfully! Like I said, I was skeptical. I didn’t really believe the rep when she said I’ll feel the difference in 5 seconds or see an improvement in 5 days. Just another sales pitch, I thought. I was terribly wrong. Within those seconds, my skin felt so incredibly smooth. I’ve had troubled skin for a long time and it’s been years since I felt such smoothness from my skin. And that was within those 5 seconds. After 5 days, my skin was ideally moisturized – as promised. I’ve always had problems with dry patches due to bad products and weather conditions. This product did wonders. My skin is now stable – it’s not dry anymore, nor is it oily from too much moisturizing. It feels perfect, thanks to this product. It’s a marvelous skincare must for people with dry skin and/or imperfections.

Since I live with my skin, I don’t really know if I can see the difference. It’s also only been a week of using these new products on my face. I can confidently confess that my skin has not broken out since using these products, the state of my skin feels much more stable, and my problem with dryness vs. acne prone skin problems have been solved!

I love these products and was well worth the money. Highly recommended.