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30 March 2007

L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo

It's been a while since I have posted. My apologies!

I used to be a salon snob. In all fairness, I worked in salons. I knew the products on the shelf - I sold them and I used them. I was a big fan of Rusk products, as my own personal stylist was a Rusk regional trainer at the time. That was a good time in the history of my hair.

And then I moved here. No longer working in salons or having the contacts (old co-workers could still order me products at cost because I was well-loved), I was forced back into the tragic world of buying shampoo at the dread drugstore. The first time I bought a drugstore shampoo I almost felt like crying. I could no longer afford to buy salon products. I know, I know - what a sad tale! Haha!

Anyway, I've been using either Pantene Pro-V or L'Oreal's Color Vive shampoos and conditioners ever since. I've been fairly happy, once I got used to drugstore products again. Recently, I noticed that L'Oreal changed their Vive line of shampoos and conditioners and I thought - what the hell, I'll give it a try. I'm worth the five bucks.

Boy, was I wrong. I thought it was just me. I thought, maybe I have been careless at the art of washing my hair. It's long so it gets dirty quicker. I washed it again. I tried it one more time. And yet again. The results have been constant - my hair feels like absolute crap when I wash my hair with their Vive Pro line of shampoos and conditioners. I feel like I wasted five dollars...and when you are on a budget, it kind of sucks.

First of all, I can't stand the scent of the product. It used to smell nice, refreshing. Now, it smells like candy. It's too sweet and I can't stand it.

Secondly, and most importantly, it doesn't make my hair feel clean. It feels dry and yet oily. It makes my hair look stringy and it feels gummy. I leave for work in the morning far from satisfied. My hair looks like crap. I can't believe how awful this new formula is.

Thirdly, and not important at all, I hate the color of the packaging. It's bright orange. Orange can be cool, especially for creating some sort of 70's atmosphere...but for shampoo, it looks terribly outdated. It doesn't look sleek and professional. It's, of course, a minor detail.

Yes, I have discovered that I hate this product a lot. It makes me want to constantly wash my hair...and that's not a good sign. I swallowed my schemes of budgeting and bought myself another bottle of shampoo today. I may sound ultra lame but I hate knowing that I just wasted my hard earned five bucks.

Le sigh!

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