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21 April 2007

Top Five Beauty Picks

I'm a gal who loves her cosmetics and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I use cosmetics daily. I love to buy and browse at cosmetics counters. I have worked in the beauty industry. Nothing makes me happier than playing around with cosmetics - on myself and on others.

There are many products that I use on a daily basis and there are those that I use every so often. Here are my top five beauty products that I swear by, in no particular order.

1) L'Oreal Lineur Intense
I've been using liquid eyeliner for over half my life. I have used many different kinds and I have always been drawn back, no pun intended, to this particular brand. This product offers great control and a crisp line. It can be applied minimally or for more dramatic looks. It is long lasting, throughout the day and even a rainstorm! It applies and removes easily. It doesn't cost a lot and the product itself lasts a long time.

2) MAC concealer
I used to work at MAC Cosmetics but I discovered this concealer long before my career there. It comes in a handy pot. It can be applied gently with a fingertip or a firm brush. It provides excellent coverage without looking too heavy. There are many different shades for all different skin tone types. It lasts a long time so you won't have to go out a buy a new concealer every month. A little goes a long way with this product.

3) MAC Russian Red Lipstick
My look is dramatic, even on the most plainest of days. I appreciate a true red lipstick - one that screams sexy and sophisticated. If you are looking for a true, vibrant red, this is your best bet. The color is pure and applies perfectly. It doesn't bleed like most dramatic lipsticks. It is long lasting to create that red-hot look your lips deserve.

4) Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion
Why spend all that money you could be spending on red-hot lipsticks and crisp eyeliners on an eye makeup remover? Avon's Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion is an excellent product. It's very cheap. It removes eye makeup perfectly, without stinging your eyes or causing redness. It lasts a long time. As well, Avon often offers this product on special so you'll save a good chunk of money you could be spending elsewhere.

5) MAC Eyepaint
I love MAC's line of eyepaints. I am disappointed that they discontinued many of the more dramatic colors in this line. However, if you want more natural and neutral tones - they have a grand selection. MAC Eyepaints are a cream-based shadow that can be applied directly to your eyelids. I've always been leery of cream shadows as they crease very easily after application. This one, however, does not crease. It is extremely long lasting, even when you apply a regular powder shadow in the crease of your eyelid. The colors are brilliant, with a slight shimmer. I am a fan of Pixel Eyepaint. It's a light white shimmery shadow that brightens your eyes without looking heavy or made-up. It comes in a handy tube (much like watercolor paints!) that lasts a long time. As well, it is also accepted in MAC's recycling program.

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03 April 2007

Books - March 2007

It was a modest month as far as reading goes. I find I don't read as much when I am working a lot. I save my reading for the subway ride and work breaks. If I feel decadent, I'll draw a bubble bath and read there.

1) Welcome Home: Travels in Smalltown Canada - Stuart McLean
I liked this book a lot. It is far from a "classic" novel and it isn't the "coolest" book to be seen with, but it appealed to me. I spent a lot of March being homesick and wanting to surround myself with smalltown folk. You know, the kind of people that talk about random smalltown happenings at the local coffee shop. People who say thank you and look you in the eye. I miss that. I read this book and it warmed my spirit. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about smalltown Saskatchewan and British Columbia. What I made me smile was the mention of Chinese food restaurants in the middle of nowhere in the prairies. I remember being a kid and going to one in rural Saskatchewan, as my Gedo always gave us a dollar for ice cream when we visited. As an "adult", I went to one in rural Manitoba. It was probably the highlight of that summer - having a cup of super cheap coffee in a restaurant that looked straight out of the 50's, where you could actually buy a single can of tomato soup for fifty cents.

2) Love Life - Zeruya Shalev
This is a book about a woman's obsession with a much older man, a friend of her father's. It is what it is. It is all about obsession - the obsession in wanting to discover someone's mind and body, the obsession in all the questions being asked and never answered, the obsession in the wonder of why you are obsessed with someone who often disgusts you, the obsession in the distance and closeness of bodies. It is a richly written novel, with beautiful words and intensity. I have to admit, it is a little too intense at times. There were moments when I wanted to shake the character in hopes she would quit obsessing about this man. There were moments I didn't want to read any more, I was tired to listening to her. If I felt her feelings of obsession - that means, it was an effective novel. It made me feel her emotions.

3) Elle - Douglas Glover
This was another interesting read. I picked up this Canadian novel for a dollar at the used store down the street. It is a take on a historic story of a woman who was left alone to survive in Canada before it was settled in the 1500s. I appreciate the fact that the writer is male and not once did I think her character was written by a man. It is intense, sad, funny. There are slight sexual moments. There are spiritual moments that are hazy and desperately lonely. The background is bleak and lonely, but Elle is complex and intriguing. It was a good read, especially in a hot bath.

Until next time...

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